Has Computer Lvl. 1 become harder?


I have seen, the computers have become harder. Is it true?



I think that's the java computer they have here?

I've played it a few times. Sometimes a high level will suddenly make many big blunders.

Sometimes a low level will make many strong moves in a row.

Remember every level is the same engine. I think one of the things that determines the strength is it's set to randomly choose bad moves sometimes. So if you're unlucky a low setting will play well for a while, and if you're lucky a high setting will blunder a lot of material now and then.

Except level 10, I think that's full strength with no random bad moves.


Anyway, if you think it's playing really well, I'd just start a new game vs the same setting. It will probably blunder right away in the opening tongue.png


Haha happy.png