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Has Playing Chess made you smarter?

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    Has Chess affected the way you think in a positve manner. Have you become smarter?  Please share your story.
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    It has made me more contemplative in day to day decisions. I tend to think things through more instead of going with my first impulsive thought.

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    Seems so. Think it's done my technical visualisation skills some good as well as my systematic thinking. I feel it enhances my ability to be calm and think fast under pressure and ofcourse chess teaches us some good humbling lessons about ourselves and perhaps not very pretty but useful lessons about others and human psychology.

    Various people that didn't necessarily know that I play chess after some talk have asked me if I do, and noted that I have a "chess brain". It's perhaps a certain way of thinking that reflects in my ability to argue/debate. For me, I take that as a positive. Laughing Others probably don't agree. 

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    Like NomadicKnight, it makes me think things through instead of just going with my first impulse, plus it really makes me think about problem solving.


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