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Has your cat ever cost you a blitz game?

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    Over here, the answer is yes.  She will put her paws up on my leg, and it takes only two seconds to brush her aside, but at the end of the game, those two seconds determined the outcome.  She will also get up on my desk, circle around my computer and drop down on my lap while I'm playing, purring and kneading the area around my crotch, and I tell her, and you, that I know how to lose a blitz game all by myself without feline help, but she isn't much for rules.  I don't believe that an animal interaction during a game has ever helped the player win, but I would like to hear conflicting accounts, and accounts generally of when your cats and dogs have influenced the outcome of your games.     

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    I know just what you mean , it’s happened to me , on more than a few occasions.
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    I have a bulldog who flops down on me when I'm playing. Occasionally, he makes a brilliant move!
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    My cat will sit on my right hand ( mouse hand) while I am playing if I'm in bed it has to sit on my stomach or on my laptop keyboard. If I am on a tablet it will bite the square edges of it because that is what my cat does for some reason.
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    Hey everyone
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    My dog cost me the game when I had to walk him. 😓
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    You bet. My cat paw-ned one of my pieces, whisk(er)ed it off the board, I clawed it back, and it jumped up and bit me-ow I said.

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    My cat also likes to catloaf right next to my laptop, blocking its airvents with her fur while watching me play.  "You used to be a kitten.  What happened?"

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    Not for 3 hours

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    I always get cat hair in the mouse where the laser is - then the pointer moves where it wants - always at the worst times 

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    My dog has lost me 1 or 2.

    One time, in a temporary computer setup, he failed to step over the mouse cord, pulling the mouse from my hand a few inches.

    So I yell at him, which makes him get more tangled, and the mouse falls to the floor... and yeah, it would have been pretty funny to watch.

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    My dog leapt up on the chair to watch my live game yesterday and barked, "Why don't you take his f pawn which forks his Knights, opens the g file, pins his Bishop, and unleashes the a1-g7 skewer resulting in Qh7 and an ongoing King assault?"  I replied, "Because on move 24 of that combination he puts me in zugzwang, en passants my b pawn, sacs his c6 Rook, underpromotes to a Knight then mates me in 7 more moves.

      My dog is only Rated about 1950, has very little idea, and has been permanently banned from commenting. 

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    It did once, but it won't again because we celebrated with a tasty French dish that night: hamburger au chathappy.png

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    Sqod wrote:

    It did once, but it won't again because we celebrated with a tasty French dish that night: hamburger au chat. 

    Sounds fancy.

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    Yes. She knows exactly what to do.

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     How many blitz games have my kids cost me ? I have no idea. Lots of, I guess. Am I getting paranoïd, or do they have the talent of storming in my working room especially when I have a few seconds left ? It reminds me Murphy's law : "No matter which way you ride. It's uphill and against the wind".

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