Have you dreamed about chess?


Do anybody have ever dreamed of chess, I still haven't, but I want too.


Yes. The better my visualization skills get the more interesting my dream games become. But you have to write them down quickly while the dream is fresh! ;)
Yes. I lost. Horribly.
Good, so how are you're dreams about chess?

I've had a very bizarre chess dream actually. I was in a theatre, and there was supposed to be a grandmaster match. I was reading a chess book while sitting in my seat (I'd actually fallen asleep reading, so maybe that helps). But then the two masters came out, and they looked quite odd. One was Sean Connery in a bullfighting costume, I don't remember what the other looked like. Instead of playing, they hopped around mockingly with one another.

Then the scene changed. The stage was set up like a planet from the old Star Trek... distant smoking volcanos and sand. Two sumo-wrestling type guys dressed as chess pieces (pawns I think, but maybe rooks) did a strange dance whereby they pushed against each other, sumo style, in some weird performance art while errie music played. It was actually pretty cool. I know there is already chess the musical, but I'd love to see something as weird as what I dreamed actually performed.

i see chess pattterns as i go to sleep, bits of games


Zenchess' friend Mansur once dreamed that he and Zenchess were having a game, and when he woke up he remembered the position, quickly set up the board and he and Zenchess actually finished the match!

Read about it here.


Damn another forum were I misread the title.

When is someone actually going to add that missing t?

Then I can join in for real.


I dreamed i was a WGM.

It turned out into a nightmare and waked up at 3 a.m.

So, be happy to be normal...

thx for the link rael. really an intersting game :)
Yes, and when I play in my dreams, I come up with the most original ideas, interesting I should say :-).

I actually found a rather incredible move in a dream...



when i was younger and much brighter, i used to play many games in my sleep.  my chess skills improved a lot through dreaming, but a was always mentally exhausted when i woke up.  i dreamt about chess every time played a game.  in order to stop this i numbed my brain with alcohol and drugs.  this help a lot, but as a result, my brain got fried.  i still dream when i play, so i often am drinking at the same time.

take it from me, i would rather not dream about chess and save my brain :P 

I dreamed about chess once. I had been doing some opening preparation deep into  one of my favorite lines and was trying to find a move to solve some problems in my game, and the right move came to me while I was sleeping. I woke up and said "WOW!!" My brain was still working on the problem even though I was sleeping, like when you're trying to remember something and give up, but then remember later.
 Pretty cool.
i think about games and chess moves, and the patterns of nights as i go to sleep...........it relaxes me.
colle-pirc wrote: i see chess pattterns as i go to sleep, bits of games

evil here be your ^ missing t you were looking for


I may not dream about Chess, but I am sure Chess dreams about me....

 (who is Chess by the way?)


No, I havn't dreamed about chess. But once I had a dream about Naruto though. I was helping Kakashi Sensei and Jiraiya, fight against Sasori Itachi and deidara. We won Jiraiya sommond the giant toad which gave us a big advatage, Kakashi was useing his one eye sharingan. And I had the Byakugan ?!?! But they was fighting back of coures.

Mine is recurring and goes like this:

I'm playing a game in a cave with Sigmund Freud while he smokes this MASSIVE cigar.  Somebody is applauding whenever I move, but the air is so smoke-filled that it takes a few moments of squinting to realize that it's my mom, who (when not clapping) seems engrossed in the act of tuning a bass violin made of cheese.

Anyway, then Freud makes some off-hand comment about the phallic qualities of Staunton chess sets, and I turn back to him to discover that he's suddenly wearing a Toronto Blue Jays ballcap, and I notice there's a parrot on his shoulder.  The parrot fixes me with this look that sends a thrill of fear up my spine and says "Queen's Knight to King's Bishop eleven."

I glance down to discover the board's squares have started to bleed out well beyond 8x8, across the table and down onto the cave floor; the parrot cackles as the whole scene starts to become one ghastly grid.  Then I realize I'm naked, and when I get up to run, I fall off a cliff.  (My dreams always end with a cliff.)
wagrro wrote: colle-pirc wrote: i see chess pattterns as i go to sleep, bits of games

evil here be your ^ missing t you were looking for

If only, if only.