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Highest rated person

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    Who is the highest rated person on chess.com?

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    Last time I checked it was 2713.

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    siahkal with the rating of 2729 is the highest rated person

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    Anyone know what happened to "tigerpetrosian"?  He was number one a couple of days ago but decided to resign all of his games.


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    His account was closed , maybe he was caught cheating ?  I don't know.

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    AWARDCHESS rating always hangs around the 1800 mark, but it's not accurate he could be anything from 1200 up to 2000 in skill. Because of the amount of games he plays. He could be a weaker player has he wins loads by default and gets rating points. Or he could be a better player if he played less, better concentration on about 20 games.

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    I feel sorry for tigerpetrosion

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    was he using fritz?

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    I'm curious what tigerpetrosian's account closing means for siahkal, the current top-rated play, whose best win was against tigerpetrosian.

    Edit: Although I now see that that win was from the recent mass-resigning of tigerpetrosian's games.  So I apologize for my conspiracy-inspiring thoughts. Smile

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    I saw one of the chess.com moderators mention in the Live Chess lobby that tigerpetrosian was in fact found to be using a program. Surprised

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    2729 i played him. i got owned. only lost like 2 rating points, since he was so high rated. if i won, i would have got like 500 rating points. draw 300 rating points. he was playing like a GRANDMASTER!!! forgot his name

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    Wow cuendillar very well played!  Way to grind him down like that.

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    Not that much maybe 150 for a win, 100 for a draw, and 4 points for a loss.

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    great win!


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