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How can a 1 minute game last for 3 minutes???

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    kabhi kabhi mere saath bhi hota hai . click on games in live chess . If it take more than 2 sec. than surely it is lag

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    Same here. GC ftw. :-)

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    I really like the sound of that language, Sharma and Strategic. What is it? And you're talking about lag or something. I was able to decrypt "lagta" :-)

    nahi ~ no

    mujhe ~ ??

    I think Strategic said something like "I don't get lag". This is fun. :-D

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    the language in which we are talking is Hindi . 

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    'lagta' is really confusing here. 'lagta' means (I) think or (I) seem. Or even (he/she) thinks or (he/she) seems. 'nahi' is no. 'Mujhe' means to me

    So it meant: 

    Doesn't seem to me. 

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    And it was in response to 'teri net ki speed kam hogi'. 

    'teri' is your (while talking to a person of your same age or younger ones, NOT ELDERS). 'net' (Internet). 'ki' is of. 'speed' (you know that). 'kam' means less. 'hogi' is might be

    So he said: 

    Your net speed might be slow. 

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    Hey, this happens to me all the time. I played for a 30 min game, but it lasted for an hour! LOL, are we laughing yet?! Time sure flies on chess...

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    dahal32 - a 30 min game would mean 30 min on your clock and 30min on your opponents clock so 1hr in total.

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    HEY, mujhe bhi hindi aati hai, amitab bacchaan she sikha hai =D....... Aadarniya mahanu bhav, ye thoda thoda hindi forum hone ke karaad GC chalai, natra aap log "MUTRA BISARJIT" (Pissed off) honghe!!!( Silencer style!!!)

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    @shahhussainkcl , just kidding and trying to be funny. Did I look stupid?!

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    No. Maybe I look stupid for not getting the joke. :-p

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    ye teri dhasu english . maan na padega

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    Exactly! That's what I thought. :-) LOL

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    ashok can give you hindi tution . Fees = 1/0 . can you pay???

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    Oye.. mera naam Jaidev hai!

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    sry jaidev  can give you hindi tution . Fees = 1/0 . can you pay???

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    Ok, you guys. I'm going to stop tracking this forum post so if you need me to get back in you'll need to msg me and let me know. Have fun!

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    See you, shah! 

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