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How can I get an online game terminated?

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    owltuna wrote:
    ZasterKhan wrote:
    Dragonbice wrote:
    I'm no ape, please don't imply that I think like one.

    Really?  The rest of us are.

    Yes, but I like to think of myself as a great ape.

    Or a Grape Ape - 

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    As far as CC goes, I try to make a move for each game every morning at breakfast, yet I always instigate 7-14 days/move as if I go out partying for the weekend, a family member gets hospitalised or I hit a stage of depression then I like to be able to return to the game without being reliant on my vacation time,which I may genuinely need at some point. I don't think vacation time should be viable for tournaments, though, it is unfair to the multiple participants. One on One matches, however, are not worth crying over. There are other matches you can sink your teeth into without getting your big oul bloomers in a knot whilst waiting for your slow opponent.

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    The OP of this thread has already left chess.com.  Gone to a new site.

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    All the best to him, wherever he may have gone. Though departed his thread was still first on my Google search. I didn't realise it was so old.


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