How can I improve as a 1050 rated player?


Hello, so I'm 14 and I've been playing chess for 3 weeks now and I have a couple questions, how can I improve my consistency? Sometimes I'll play a game with 90% accuracy then play another one with 30% accuracy. Another question, how can I improve? I learned the fried liver and the Evan's gambit to go with it for white, and I love playing white and I have a 55% win rate. Learning the fried liver made me jump from 950 to 1050. But for black I play the king's indian's defense, but it's not very fun. And I blunder a lot, how can I stop that? Thanks!


Hello. If you do not enjoy some opening, why would you play it? To d4 you can respond with d5 for example. But as 1050 what you need to study is tactics mostly. But if you wanna have consistent improvement create study plan and study all aspects of the game. 

Do all of the lessons and tutorials starting with how to move the pieces (it sounds silly) you will quickly be done and on to intermediate lessons. Start doing tactical puzzles everyday and start out with the super easy ones. Pick two openings for each color and look at the opening lessons under mastery. Just to get a feel for what the opening is about.
As black you absolutely should have a plan for responding to e4 and d4!

How do I study tactics? And what openings do you suggest for black, I like the Stafford gambit because of all the traps but it doesn't always happen (+ it leads to the traxler).


Before you play a move, force yourself to think whether the piece you are moving will be attacked, or if by moving it another piece of yours will be undefended. It sounds really simple but when once you get in the habit of it you blunder a lot less.


try french defense for 1.e4

try chigorin defense for  1.d4


read books


Dear TheDoctor2035,

I am a certified, full-time chess coach, so I hope I can help you. happy.png Everybody is different, so that's why there isn't only one general way to learn. First of all, you have to discover your biggest weaknesses in the game and start working on them. The most effective way for that is analysing your own games. Of course, if you are a beginner, you can't do it efficiently because you don't know too much about the game yet. There is a built-in engine on which can show you if a move is good or bad but the only problem that it can't explain you the plans, ideas behind the moves, so you won't know why is it so good or bad.

You can learn from books or Youtube channels as well, and maybe you can find a lot of useful information there but these sources are mostly general things and not personalized at all. That's why you need a good coach sooner or later if you really want to be better at chess. A good coach can help you with identifying your biggest weaknesses and explain everything, so you can leave your mistakes behind you. Of course, you won't apply everything immediately, this is a learning process (like learning languages), but if you are persistent and enthusiastic, you will achieve your goals. happy.png

So, the question you asked is not so easy to answer, but I can tell you one thing for sure. In my opinion, chess has 4 main territories (openings, strategies, tactics/combinations and endgames). If you want to improve efficiently, you should improve all of these skills almost at the same time. That's what my training program is based on. My students really like it because the lessons are not boring (because we talk about more than one areas within one lesson) and they feel the improvement on the longer run. Of course, there are always ups and downs but this is completely normal in everyone's career. happy.png

I hope this is helpful for you. happy.png Good luck for your chess games! happy.png


1. Tactics practice.

2. Play through annotated GM games.

3. Play against strong opponents.

4. Analyse your own games.


Don’t worry about fried livers, gambits and Indians... just play

Study tactics and go to forums with puzzles in then without pressing the hint button reduce playing 3|2 games or less. Every day try to at least play 1 game so u can face opponents from different styles and learn from them. Every move ask yourself what ur opponent will do so u can get a clearer idea of the game. Every move scan the board like a robot. This is good so u save ur hanging pieces or not to get checkmated. That’s all the ideas I have. Hope this improves ur games!

Also don’t go for traps go for tactics! I played the fried live one on a 700 rated guy and I had a rook but he had 2 rooks two knights and two bishops so I resigned. So sometimes trap works traps do if u still feel traps are a easier way to win look up and see what rating number u should play on people.

As a 1050 myself, I'm not very qualified however if you have time, THINK. Don't just attack a piece if it will just move, see if it improves your position, takes a free piece, promotes, etc. Also remember the motto: CHECKS - CAPTURES - ATTACKS. Always scan for a good check, a good capture, or good attack on a piece. I would also recommend watching GothamChess. I'm biased here because I watch him more but he teaches well for beginners and higher rather than speeding through. Hope this helps! happy.png