How can I improve my slow chess?


I'm reasonably ok at 5 min chess but I'm terrible at slow chess like 15|10 and slower. Especially games with increments etc.


I sit there and look at the board till something strikes me but it never does. I sit and look at a quiet position and can think of nothing to do. I cannot improve my position because if I try to do that then the opponent does that too and then it's another equilibrium.


Can someone tell me how to improve my slow chess?

Try scanning the board look at every threat and opportunity to build tempo after every move and anticipated your opponent next moves
Attack your opponet’s weakness. If they have no weakness, make one. If you can’t, you’re in trouble.

Play longer games and analyze every game afterwards. Especially your losses


How to improve slow chess? What an absolutely impossible to answer question.

   Wait.......I think I thought of about stop playing blitz and start playing slow chess.............and how about  start studying a bit?

   Wow , could be the Holy Spirit that helped me give such difficult and sophisticated answers. I really don't know where they came from.


Thanks guys for the answers. I will keep it in mind as I progress on my journey to becoming a better slow chess player.


play slow?