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How chess has developed.

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    Chess was invented in the 6th Century in India during the Gupta reign but I was wondering how chess has developed since then. All I know is that you used to have to warn your opponent if you were attacking their Queen.

    Any other facts?  Maybe we could play a game that involves these rules?

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    chess is developed for making stretegies in war and they just make plans for set a trap in the war. they do demosntration at their place through chess.

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    Chess Players are also good at sport tactics as they can think moves ahead

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    I heard that back in the day you could only moves pawns one square...even on their first move

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    Thank you everyone for the response maybe we could as chess.com if we could try and play online! With the ancient rules.

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    Eleanor - the engine that drives chess.com won't let you play by the ancient rules.  However, if you can find a willing opponent, I know that Shatranj, the precursor of Chess in which pieces moved as described in this thread, is playable at iggamecenter.com, a free site.

    Several other historical chess variations are also available there.

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    Very interesting forum Eleanor. Thankyou.

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    I recently read a book that deals with this topic: Birth of the Chess Queen, by Marilyn Yalom.  It gives the history of chess and the names of the pieces (as well as their moves) of "normal" chess, as opposed to the changes that allowed the game to go nuclear ("Queen's" chess).  If you are interested in this thread, I believe you'd love this book.

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    it hasn't developed!  ;)

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    Greenmtnboy wrote:

    I wrote a piece, "The transmissibility of chess as a discipline" where I talked about the symbolic significance of the pieces and their associations, etc..  


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    Sam Sloan thinks chess was invented in China.  Just sayin'.


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    The powerful

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    The powerful Queen was introduce in Italy in the 17th century.I read that.

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    Benefactor wrote:

    The powerful Queen was introduce in Italy in the 17th century.I read that.

    But it was wrong.  Chess of the Mad Queen was introduced no later than AD 1500, and rapidly spread through Europe.

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    Hm...kinda like syphilis.

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    JimJamJames007 wrote:
    eleanor-the-great wrote:

    James stop doing that!!! BTW do you want a draw?

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