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How do you pronounce Alekhine?

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    I've always said it like "Alikeen", but I know a chess player from Russia who insists it's pronounced "Alohyoon".  Anyone know for sure?

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    I don't know if the kh is an example of a velar fricative, but I've always pronounced it as alley-kine.

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    Al (Al Capone)


    Kine (kind w/o the d)

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    a lik heen ee


    Well, at least it sounds like a football chant.

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    I always thought it was "al YECK un"

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    In my head I always pronounced it like the functional group in organic chemisty, Alkyne.

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    Apparently no one knows!   I've always heard it pronounced either 

    al yek in  OR  al yolk in.   Part of the problem of course is that the Russian language contains "letters" that don't translate exactly.  The yek or the yolk are accented.

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    Alie (like alien, but without the "n")

    h (like horse)

    in (like inside)

    and the intonation goes on the letter "e"


    check the Wikipedia entry for a more scientific approach to this name's pronounciation

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    I agree. I tried playing it backwards...no help.

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    Now it's time for Euwe! Laughing

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    Eseles wrote:

    Now it's time for Euwe!


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    Euwe = Oy-wih

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    trysts wrote:
    Eseles wrote:

    Now it's time for Euwe!


    rofl :D



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    Euwe = oo-vay

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    I think the girl said "Uh-loh-hin."

    Other ones: Uh-leh-kin, Al-ih-kee-nay, Al-eh-kine (I usually feel like doing that one), Uh-loh-kin, Al-yeh-kin. Funny how there are so many ways to try to pronounce a rather simple looking word.

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    Al Yekkin 

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    Really? It's not just "u" ?

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    How do you pronounce Elubas? :D

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