How do you report? There should be an option next to send message to report problems

I just played a game against Muhamet Demiri; I had him easily and then the last couple seconds of the game my pieces wouldn’t move. Is there a serious bug, or did he do something? How do you report this sort of thing? There should be a “Report” button in the send message menu. Can the game be reviewed and the score reversed? If anyone, even a monkey, reviewed this game, they’d see I clearly won. Unbelievable.

They don't care. Just forget about it. 

Thanks, modest tiger, You’re probably right. I blocked the guy, so I don’t have to play that crap anymore. Life is too short for that. I suggest That if anyone else runs into a similar problem with that player, you block him, too.

i think he hacked the game


Just saying... You're not supposed to name and shame... it's against the rules. before you report someone you need evidence. If you took pictures of what he said/what he did report here and provide something link an link to where u uploaded the pictures for the mods to see. You say it's some sort of problem with the game, then provide the archive link to the game in your report. Make your ticket here: