How good are you based on your skill and rating.


I got  my first brilliant  move


I’m intermediate rapid 1400

The term beginner is a measure of time spent playing, not level of competence. There are plenty of people who have studied and played for a long time who are just bad at the game because of a lack of aptitude, not a lack of effort or time spent playing.

You would never call a bad basketball player who has played all his life a beginner. You would never call a veteran of several battles but can’t shoot straight and is a coward a beginner. You would never call a GM who has lost his mental capacities and now has troubles a beginner.

Labels are unnecessary since your rating says everything you need to know. If you must use a label, just say “lower rated.”



2000 Your skill are most likely compared to a grandmaster. 

lol 200s are not close to a gm