How is this a draw?


Hey there, 

Yesterday I played some rounds of Bullet Chess (1|0 format). I was pretty tiered and did some crucial mistakes in my games when I came up with this round.

I cleary would have lost the game. However, I had about 10 seconds left on my clock, while my opponent had under 1 second. I should have won on time, but somehow the game ended as a draw duo to unsifficent material, even though he has a ton of pieces. 

Now I'm wondering why? It's the second time I encoutered something like this.  


Thanks for any replay, Dalle


You 'won' on time, but since you didn't have enough pieces to checkmate, the game is a draw. Standard chess rule.


He had a ton of pieces, you didn't, you had insufficent material to mate him, he had insuffcient time to mate you. Draw is good.


Ah ok, didn't know about this rule! Thanks!


You cannot mate with a sole king, so this is a draw.


Yeah it's obvious now. I knew that it's impossible to mate with a sole king, but I thought this wouldn't apply if someone rans out of time. 

Thanks for the fast replies!