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How is this a draw?

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    Hey there, 

    Yesterday I played some rounds of Bullet Chess (1|0 format). I was pretty tiered and did some crucial mistakes in my games when I came up with this round. 


    I cleary would have lost the game. However, I had about 10 seconds left on my clock, while my opponent had under 1 second. I should have won on time, but somehow the game ended as a draw duo to unsifficent material, even though he has a ton of pieces. 

    Now I'm wondering why? It's the second time I encoutered something like this.  


    Thanks for any replay, Dalle

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    You 'won' on time, but since you didn't have enough pieces to checkmate, the game is a draw. Standard chess rule.

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    He had a ton of pieces, you didn't, you had insufficent material to mate him, he had insuffcient time to mate you. Draw is good.

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    Ah ok, didn't know about this rule! Thanks!

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    You cannot mate with a sole king, so this is a draw.

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    Yeah it's obvious now. I knew that it's impossible to mate with a sole king, but I thought this wouldn't apply if someone rans out of time. 

    Thanks for the fast replies! 


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