How many brilliant moves have you played in one game?




For those blessed with a membership status that allows for full game analysis, one should have noticed the recent "brilliant" move count in the analysis summary.  What exemplifies such a move?  The description defines it as one of the best moves, with an extra bit: being tricky to find.  Granted, I haven't played moves that qualify as such in every game, but the most I've seen has been one... until today.


Above is one of the games I've played as black that has not 1 but 2 "brilliant" moves (which happened to be back to back as well).  These occur at moves 26 and 27.  My queen was about to be trapped and I could see a potential opportunity to do some damage on my opponents king's side (granted my calculations were a tad off as bxf3 was a bit of a blunder at first).  There wasn't really any way for me to get the old girl out of trouble at this point, so taking the pawn on b3 seemed like the only way to continue with my plan (which is also the first brilliant move).  After white plays rcb1 the queen is done for unless I continue with my plan.. rah8 (which is the second brilliant move).  Doubling rooks sets up a forced mate in the event that white takes the queen, and if they defend with bg2 then the game continues with queens still on the board.


There was definitely a lot of pressure thinking about how to get out of the sticky situation on the queen's side, but one question has risen from the outcome of the analysis: how many brilliant moves have you played in one game?




One brilliant move by you and one by your opponent is likely to make a better game. A win over feeble resistance doesn't gain much glory, regardless of how well you play.




lol i haven't played a single one yet but bluemu i srite


I shall soon


and by son I mean on my second life


if I get one


949 has probably never gotten even one brilliant move in.