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How many hours you play chess?

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    On an average everyday ? 

    on free day ?

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    An hour on a usual weeekday, more or less. But on Saturdays, there's almost always a tourney so that's like... seven hours of chess! :D

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    on average every day: 2x30 min of reading (suburb train), 1h after lunch, 1h at home after work. ~3h/day

    friday is the local club day. ~6h on friday.

    i don't play/study so much on week-end : i have a family :) perhaps 2h/day.

    ~20-24h/week. is that too much ? i don't know..

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    About three hours a week, just updating my games on here, and occasionally playing a 10min blitz game.

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    3-4 hours

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    Average day a few hours

    Free day, as much as 10 if I can get away with it Wink although I found if I play 6-7 hours straight I tend to get burned out for that day, with a few small breaks for food and such 10 isn't so bad.

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    when I wake up at 10 a.m to 4 a.m or less but not less than 11 p.m take off 4 hours for my launch ,breaks and everything it will be ,total = 10 TO 14 hours :- )

  • #9

    I'm addicated on chess

  • #10

    I've been busy recently, but most of the time I'm doing something related to chess for several hours if I have enough free time. I still go to school, so I can't do as much chess during the week.

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    An average day? Seven or eight hours. A free day? Fifteen or more. I only wish I were kidding - I'm addicted to the cheapest crack in the world, I guess. Schoolwork-schmoolwork, I'd rather be pushing wood then paper.

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    As much as I study chess -- an hour a day.

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    Trying to get back into this game after decades of absence, and I am retired, so I try and start with an hour of Chess Mentor followed by several hours on Chessmaster 11. Progress is sure, but slow........


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