How many openings are you very familiar with?


I play effectively on white side using Italian and Scotch, it's all a matter of how my opponent responds. For black, I haven't perfected an opening just yet, so to be truthful, I can't say I've mastered an opening for that side other then just trying to castle early. I was wondering how many openings some of you other chess players are familiar with. Do you know more openings for playing white then black, and vice versa? 

OopsIScrewedUpAgain wrote:

I play effectively on white side using Italian and Scotch, it's all a matter of how my opponent responds.


As white, I always play the Italian, and if given the opportunity I always play the Evans Gambit from there

As black, if e4, I always play the Sicilian, if d4, I always play the King’s Indian

Game of Pawns! I open with e4, then Nf3, and then depending on what the threats are, I will play my bishop, hence, Italian Opening, or, if there's a threat to bring the bishop to play, I play the Scotch opening, which is the d4 pawn. 

Sorry about the confusion, I thought the openings explained themselves.


Maybe I'm being thick. Maybe I'm missing some move order tricks. I do have my special moments, so it's possible.


Don't both the Italian and Scotch require Black to respond with e5 and nc6?


Mostly The Italian, Evan's Gambit and Caro-Kann


Italian is great, it's a quick way to castle, too. I tried to get familiar with Caro-Kann, and it tends to lead to a lot of draw games when I play. Fact is, I only know one or two openings, and didn't know if there were other players that knew more then one or two. I still have a lot to learn.


I know most e4 openings, Open Italian, Vienna, Scotch, Ruy Lopez (Marshall Attack only), some Ponziani stuff. d4 i know Catalan and London only for d5, against nf6 I know the main ideas for most of the Indian openings and like the first 5 moves


Yes, Pawns, you are correct. However, it's the 'third' move on whites behalf that determines weather or not its a Scotch or Italian game. The e5 and nc6 is played regardless of weather it's a Scotch or Italian game. How many openings are you familiar with?


DaBaby! Ruy Lopez is a killer opening when you get the hang of it. I've learned how to crush some very strong players in some early moves playing it. Plus, I like how you can damage their pawn structure. ^5!


Never mind...


I'm not really familiar with anything to be honest. There's just too many ways for opponents to respond and I don't have the memory for openings. At the moment I mostly play the English, KID and CK. I don't know any of them well though. CK in particular, even though it's the one I've played the most, I just don't know well enough. Too many ways for White to play... Far too much for a very part time casual player to learn.