How many points down should you resign?


depends on the rating, I guess. My rating is about 1400 and if I play a live game and lose a piece without any compensation I immediately resign unless my opponent is in serious time trouble.

SmyslovFan wrote:

Resigning is an advanced skill that should be left to players rated above ~1700 here.

Losing, on the other hand, is an easy skill to master.

 Never resign. End of.

Every game must be first and foremost a learning opportunity.

    When you feel that you are losing reverse the board and examine if you could easily win this. If you have even sthe slightest doubt , play the game to the end. Just watching how your opponent will win , is a valuable lesson. It is not easy  to win a winning game. It needs some practice , and losing games from better opponents is one of the best ways to learn.

      There is no rule or ethic that forces you to resign. You play as much as you like .Resign when you feel that it is pointless to play more because you have no practical chance and there is nothing more to learn from the position.