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how many times did judit

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    beat kasparov?.... whats there records facing each other, 

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    In September 2002, in the Russia versus the Rest of the World Match, Polgár finally defeated Garry Kasparov in a game. The tournament was played under rapid rules with 25 minutes per game and a 10 second bonus per move. She won the game with exceptional positional play. Kasparov with black chose the Berlin Defence instead of his usual Sicilian and Polgár proceeded with a line which Kasparov has used himself.

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    Look for yourself: http://www.chessgames.com/
    (Search for games by Kasparov with opponent as Judit Polgar)

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    Polgar never beat Kasparov in a classical game.

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    Estragon wrote:

    Polgar never beat Kasparov in a classical game.

    But there was a "touch move" scandal, right? Where she thought she should have won, after video showed Gary released a piece on the wrong square or something....


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