how much time should we spend at tactics daily?

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    Annabella1 wrote:

    I do 4 or 5 per day....when I have more time I do more....I guess it depends  on each person time availability???


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    Atleast 50 puzzles per day. 

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    50 PUZZLES!!!! time for that

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    Annabella1 wrote:

    50 PUZZLES!!!! time for that

    There's always time.

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    Not when I work and take care of my family......

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    I do about 100-200 when preparing for a tournament otherwise as many as I have the time for

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    pfren wrote:

    No time at all, if I have a date.

    Now on the serious side, not all puzzles are equal. I solve some withing 4-5 seconds, some others within 4-5 hours, and some not at all.

    Solve as many as you can before feeling tired. Oh, and don't even think having electronic aid when solving- else you are just wasting your time, as well as several CPU cycles.

    Whatever puzzle you are unable to solve, do NOT pass it to the computer. Archive it, and review it after 2-3 months. Chances are that you will be successful at your second/third attempt.

    This would be the first time I read Pfren being funny.  Opa!  Tongue Out

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    Annabella1 wrote:

    Not when I work and take care of my family......

    But in your freetime.

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    Ideal would be to solve all 10^40 puzzles but indeed there might be a time issue ...

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