How safe is it to go to tournaments right now?


im not going to one know i still need to review my openings so no plus theres corona virus

Wear a Hazmat suit
AussieRookie wrote:

... He could be hit by a falling palm tree branch or bitten by one of those man-eating turtles that inhabit that island.


Not to worry.  Unless you are in the slowest 2% of the inhabitants.  Well, the slowest 1% now.  The formerly slowest 1% are not extant anymore.

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AlCzervik wrote:
drmrboss wrote:

Trump = The best president ever!! ( Thanks to Trump, I got good profit from US stocks. How lucky you guys are)!!

we have been eagerly awaiting your dissertation why trump is the best ever, along with your well researched opinions regarding the other 44. i anticipate it will be a tome that has the likes of kearns-goodwin and brinkley singing your praises.


until then, stop posting this crap. you know nothing.

Maybe it's you who knows nothing.

Ever think of that?

i have, often.

then i read stuff. and, i stay away from simple statements with nothing to back them up. 

for you, dumbeross, kobe, polar, and everyone else concerned, i have a group if you'd like to discuss politics (or, anything else). 

before everyone rushes to join, consider that one-liners with no substance are likely to receive ridicule, as i did here.

PRetty sure Im in it.