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How should I prepare for my 2nd OTB tournament?

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    Unfortunately it's 15+0 as I can see now. I will try to write down the moves if possible (space, time). Or I will try to remember the games. Did pretty good job a year ago in a blitz tourney, but unfortunately my shape is quite poor right now, so I don't know. :)

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    OK, I might be back in solid shape again. 

    Mar 8, 2014, 3:30 PM 0058732 2726 2774 5/5 1:48 1:33 Passed (83% | +4)
    Mar 8, 2014, 3:26 PM 0043548 2744 2770 8/8 2:40 1:40 Passed (88% | +6)
    Mar 8, 2014, 3:24 PM 0043666 2757 2764 2/2 1:10 0:35 Passed (90% | +7)
    Mar 7, 2014, 9:47 PM 0032689 2714 2757 2/2 1:33 1:14 Passed (84% | +5)
    Mar 7, 2014, 9:46 PM 0022879 2741 2752 2/2 1:15 0:17 Passed (99% | +8)
    Mar 7, 2014, 11:19 AM 0065752 2795 2744 2/5 2:09 3:55 Failed (22% | -3)
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    msc157 I went to your link above #15.3.2014 ...ah, is there an english version?

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    I think there's not, but I can translate it for you when I get to the computer.

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    Tournament: 17th TROHA MEMORIAL

    Date: Sunday, 3/16/2014

    Place: Restavracija Nebesa Kolektor Idrija, 5280 Idrija

    Event organiser: Chess club "Kolektor" Idrija

    Tournament start: at 9:00am

    Last date to sign up: about 15 min before the start

    System: Swiss, 7 rounds, 15 min

    Registration fee: 10,00 EUR including lunch: idrijski žlikrofi, salad, dessert

    Requisites: everyone brings chess clock (I don't have one, I guess it's still ok)

    Program: Entry from 8:40-9:00 then 7 rounds, finish at 1:30 pm then »award ceremony« following by lunch.

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    And results from last year. Ok, it's gonna be tough. Laughing


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    Terrible tournament for me. 3/7 and 17th/27. But I was the lowest rated player there. Detailed "analysis" will be posted when official results come to the internet page of Slovenian Chess Federation. :)

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    If you're the lowest rated there, and finished far from last position, that's not so bad at all! I remember I tried a 6 round rapid tournament last year and was the lowest rated (standard grades were used, it wasn't a rated tourney though) in the section. Finished with 2/6 which I thought was horrible at the time, but wasn't too bad ratingwise. Did you gain rating points?

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    Its ok, its just 15 minutes which is not that much time. You might do better in longer time controls, and then you can find your true potential.

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    Usually I moved and immediately noticed the mistake. I will post a blog with all information but I think I would have gained 2nd most points of all players. About 40, said arbiter. But I am unrated player, so it's a mistery what could my rating be if I regularly played on these tourneys. I still insist on my estimation: 1777 :)

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    Nice! Yeah I missed two one-move forks losing a piece when I tried rapid. It's different visually to internet chess. I look forward to reading your blog!

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    The blog will be more about my thoughts during the tournament and unfortunately not analysis because I couldn't write down the moves. I produced 2 super entertaining games, everybody was watching because they were the last games of its round. :)

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    Should still be an interesting read! You should see if you can reconstruct one or two of your more memorable efforts from memory, I reckon you would be able! I was able to in the rapid tournament I played, roughly reconstructed all 6 games I played on the train back. It's not as tricky as it may seem and could be worth it :)

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    I will finish the blog tomorrow. Appeared I have quite a few difficulties setting the position up or an endgame. Hopefully I manage to write this. Laughing

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    OK, here it is. My memory is bad. As much as King's gambit as black. Laughing



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