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How to get better without a chess coach

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    I really wanna get better, but I can't afford a chess coach. Any ideas of how I can improve my game?

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    Adding to paulgottlieb's excellent suggestions => If you have a good chess club within your city/town,  visit it often, challenge all strong players regularly (try to get a game with them) and play local tournaments OFTEN!   In most cities, you often find good players who literally give you free lessons when you ask them to post-mortem review/go over a game you played with them.  

    I've always noticed that when we start out, we more often pay attention and remember the things we should NOT be doing ... and less on what we should be doing.  That's why sponging from players at clubs works so well :)

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    Enjoy playing.....relax....you will learn the more you play .....and  I agree with besovalltime

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    Good to know! for all of those comments :) thanks for helping me out guys!!

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    Borrow a book by Jacob Aagaard from your local library.

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    Try my free video lessons course. I explain how I became a NM by picking out what worked best for me to maximize your time invested. Lesson001 lays out the basics, my other videos reinforce everything...I sent you a group invlte, to my video lessons group but you aren't accepting them. (We have over 1,000 members, biggest and best coaching group on site. Plenty of resources in group forums.) Click my profile, see the "about me" tab for my homepage with the videos and group link. Save your money, learn what to study most and what to wait on. 

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    I joined :)

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    linuxblue1 wrote:

    Borrow a book by Jacob Aagaard from your local library.

    This is an excellent advice. If his books are not available, try John Nunn. He authored dozens of chess books aimed at intermediate players like you.

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    Great! I'll look into both those authors :)

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    livluvrok wrote:

    Great! I'll look into both those authors :)

    yeah, use the library before you spend any money. That's what I did when I was a kid.....

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    Cool, thanks


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