how to improve your concentration?

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    Play chess regularly. It would automatically go up

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    Herebrocker wrote:

    put about 10 000 but not exactly 10 000 peas on a table. Then put one after the other into a case and count them until no pea is left on the table. if you get 3 times in a row the right number, you can try the next step: doing it blindfold. most people are not able to do that one time correctly - if you can do that 3 times in a row your concentration will be good. maybe you should start with 1000 as a beginner. - some hints: if it is too easy then colour the table with the same colour the peas have and use the sticks the chinese have for eating.

    another exercise is to solve crossword puzzles while having sex and count the pies at the same time.

    i heard some bad societies in the past made experiments with electric - and some old school russian chess teachers hit their students - maybe that can help you too.

    tell me if my hints were helpfully - good luck

    or pay me - i tell you how good your concentration will become after 10 sessions with me:

    if you make a reaction test after our exercises - your reaction time will be 0,18 seconds even if you have to wait 10 hours for the indicating signal. would that be good enough for you?

    Herebrocker wrote: another exercise is to solve crossword puzzles while having sex and count the pies at the same time - i tell you how good your concentration will become after 10 sessions with me Blimey. What are your fees and could you tell us more about the pies?

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    solve tactics while having sex sounds good

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    Eat dark chocolate its good for the brain and helps to annoy your opponent too. Smack your lips too. Seriously in this day and age we need every advantage. 

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    The standard meditative practice for improving concentration is to close your eyes and imagine a perfectly small full stop (like on the page of a newspaper) on the screen of your mind. The mind also needs to be engaged with just one thought such as ‘I am peaceful’ or ‘I am stable’.


    If you cannot hold a perfectly clear image of the full stop then that is an indication of mental interference filtering through your subconscious mind.


    I propose that the levels of interference can explain the fundamental difference between the abilities of a top GM and an ordinary player, that is to say that the inherent quality of the mind of the GM is superior.


    Note: of course that does not mean that any person is actually superior or inferior to any other person but just that his experience will be different.

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    What's this thread about again?

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    Make sure you have a good breakfast before the tournament, but dont bloat your self.  You may want to try some energy drinks or fruit bars. You could forget OTB and play Standard On Line here on Chess.Com Smile Make sure you are seeing the whole board. If your like me and need naps forget OTB altogether.

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    you can cause your opponent to lose concentration if during a critical moment of the game, you start to fart.

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    Took a few months before ending up in the gutter.

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    Hello, Marco :)

    I think you will find the answers you seek if you google search -> boost mental stamina

    I believe we get as much out of chessing as we put into it.

    Good luck.


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    24 hour energy

    or red bull?

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