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How to increase ratings from 1500 to 1800 in just 3 months?

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    @Manavendra, buy some good chess books and get to work.  Simple.

    Stop wasting your time playing.  Your need more study time.  Your priorities are WAY OUT OF BALANCE.

    Getting stronger is largely a process of knowledge acquisition.

    So get with the program, or your playing strength will remain in the cellar.  Practice speeds should be Game in 10/5 up to Game in 60/5, whatever you are comfortable with.

    You're too weak to play ONLINE chess.  That kind of "practice" is much too slow to improve your game, "rapidly."

    So if that's what you seek, you're effectively going about it "bass-ackwards."  Smile

    Nuff said?

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    To be honest, Rasparovov, I don't play Blitz myself, mostly because I don't like it, I find it very stressful. It's like protein shakes and the gym, I never drank them because I don't like them. In this situations, you can always find a substitute, such as egg whites in the case of weight-lifting. 

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    Yeah eat lots of walnuts and do 3 sets of 20 tactics three days a week to start with, with resting days in between. For example monday you do endgame tactics, then recover a day, wednesday middlegame and saturday openings. Then the next week do 3 sets of 25 etc Another method if you're short on time is instead of 3 sets do one set of tactics to exhaustion. This can actually be more effective.

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    I very much agree with posts #30 and #42 but still, with practice and analysis alone, lots of players stick at plateaus before ever reaching 1800 ratings.

    I think that one of the most important ways to improve is to get better at calculation. A basic skill that can get you very far. When you start seeing the board as a whole and figuring out what all the possible next moves could be, you get better and better.

    Most 2000+ players I've spoken to say that usually when they win a game, it's because they calculated one move further than their opponent. Also, calculation training will get you way better at tactics.

    Add to that a basic positional understanding with for example the videos in this site, and you can certainly expect improvement.

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    It took me 6 months to get from 1200 to 1600, so i think it is possible if you put the effort in. as you go up it only gets tougher, each bit of rating becomes harder to earn. just play a lot and study your lost games.

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    Likhit1 wrote:
    Rasparovov wrote:
    Aetheldred wrote:

    Rasparovov, Blitz helps you improve your concentration and reflexes when you are in time trouble. Imagine you are at a tournament playing a 2-hour-game and both you and your opponent have 2 minutes on the clock. At this point whoever is more relaxed and doesn’t panic has the edge. In this case, the occasional Blitz player will not panic and will win the match, as opposed to the other one that has not practised it. However, Blitz games should never become a substitute to your study, but a complement to it.

    However blitz takes time away from long analysis which will give you the knowledge of what to do so you can quickly take these decisions. I do not think blitz is something you want to use your time for if you're gonna improve fast.
    Keeping your head calm in stressed situations can be practiced in other ways, and how many times do you end up in such big time trouble that you're blitzing moves by seconds? There's usually an increment anyways. 

    Long games on the internet are pretty boring anyways.Blitz is not harmful but is useful.I recently read an article by Dretch(GM Conrad Holt)on chess.com where he says that saying that blitz is not useful or is bad is nonsensical.Even my IM coach told me that Blitz is ok.Even though i agree that Analysis and Blitz shud be balanced.

    Why would they be boring? It's the same game, just put a board beside your computer if you want it to feel more real. Blitz is harmful in the way it consumes time without giving equal amounts back in skill. 
    It may not be bad to play blitz, you won't be a worse chess player. But I'm confident to say it's better to spend your time on other things if you want to improve asap.

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    You've got 30-odd games on the go, manavendra.  I've also done some graphs of my ratings and found that they are inversely proportional to the number of concurrent games.  The graphs showed an extremely close  relationship between concurrent games and blunders and inversely to wins.  My rating hasn't improved at all with my nearly 1000 games, but it does fluctuate a lot.  I do no studying but some tactics training.  I guess studying is important but I'd definitely recommend keeping on-line games under 20 or so and taking more time per move.

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    Sorry if this thread is old but I'd really like to know how it went for the topic creator. Did you improve? If so, by doing what?

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    I went from 1100 to 1500 in a month or two by paying for a chess coach. It can be somewhat expensive, but once a week with a chess coach will help pinpoint your weaknesses and grow as a chess player. In my opinion, the benefit outweighs the cost. 

    Another option would be attending a local chess club. There, you could find players who are either lower or higher rated than you. The stronger players could give pointers on where you are weak and give helpful advice. The weaker players could provide you a chance to practice, and you could teach them as well. Teaching is a great way to learn more on a subject.


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