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How to Reassess your Chess

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    thats cute glaslow, you've managed to conVince yourself that nothing can ever help anybody and you'll always revert back to your original state...i know if I stopped going to school I'd revert back to pooing my pants and wearing diapers....idiot

    GlasgowM8 wrote:

    Devil's Advocate and my opinion: |If you have been a chess player for a number of years and are seeking to improve Don't waste your time, YES that book will give you some sort of short term improvement in your results and perhaps even your chess.com rating from a WOW I'VE FOUND THE SECRET! effect.... (This is known as the Euphoria Syndrome) for a short while - but mark my words - I guarantee that upwards of 90% of people who have bought that book will improve for two or three months and then regress to exactly the same rating and strength as before.   WHy?  Becasue that is the way our brains are wired - we cannot supplant old thoughts processes permanently by reading one book once - Reassess your chess?  Yup, you can, but there is NO WAY that an average club player can improve permantently by reading this book once - you would have to read it, practice the methods, regress, re-read it a second time, you will improve again, then you will regress then you will regress again, re-read it again a third time and perhaps, just perhaps if you have an iron will you just might improve permanently.   I've read Reassess Your Chess, it is not a good book.  It is knowledge based rather than method based - my opinion is that Silman is no more than a snake-oil salesman, six months after finishing the book 90% of those who have read it will be back (down) to the plateau they were at before they read it.... YOu will perhaps know more but you will not be able to put it into practice in your games OTB - Sorry to disappoint - but it is true.  Same with Michael de la Maza, everything by Pandolfini as well, Raymond Keene  but not quite as bad as Maurice Ashley's offerings (which are truly hopeless - entertaining but hopless to help you improve) - con men the lot of them.  

    Prove me wrong of course....


    (Crap player - but a sceptic through and through about help me to play better books and DVDs...)


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