How to report a player?

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    The good ol bag of poop prank. I don't think anyone in the world falls for that anymore. Too bad.

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    That happened to me! Was wondering how to report a player for it.
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    Call the police. Ask them if their refrigerator is running.

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    It has to go to the "Player Report" Depart-inter-net-ment. I hear you can do it on your phone these days. I lost my last game so I'm reporting Eric to the Calif State Police as we speakSurprised

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    blackandpurplepieces escribió:
    That happened to me! Was wondering how to report a player for it.

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    There needs to be an option to report a player. I just played one member and at the end when I won fair and square, he started to namecall and blame it on luck (lol, chess has nothing to do with luck, idiot...)

    I checked his profile, and it turns out that NUMEROUS people left notes on his profile that they were having the same problem with him, so clearly this is an ongoing problem and mods need to take action with him to prevent this from happening, as, let me emphasize it again, I am clearly not the only person that he is not playing by the rules with.

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    [removed -- MOD] chess engine players. is ruined !! Matieu Cornette report.......

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    Report [removed -- MOD]

    cheater do not play with him!

     [removed, public accusations not allowed: see -- MOD]


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