I am quitting chess.

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    I am quitting chess.

    Not easy to quit chess. Quitting cigarettes is easy compared to quitting chess.

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    quit chess.com, then you might regain your enthusiasm for the game that the Internet has ruined.

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    I quit but still never grew those 4-6 inches that I shoulda.

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    motherinlaw wrote:

    Also, with regard to "quitting," has anybody reminded us of what we all learned from Matthew Broderick in War Games ? --  that the only way to win at "Global Thermonuclear War" is not to play?

    Actually, you can also win if you kill everybody else with a warhead.

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    well america does have john rambo, so that is quite plausible.

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    Prince Albert, is that you?...

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    that pic ain't gonna answer you Huey, besides, it looks like Jack Nicholsons antiperson.

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    I don't think that someone can choose to quit chess. On the contrary, chess chooses to quit you...

    If chess is something that clicks with you, there's no way you'll truly quit it...

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