I hate endgames

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    Never really hated anything about Chess. If I'm in an endgame, usually one with Rooks and Pawns and then I just realized I made a mistake, "crap" and just give myself a facepalm. I think the hardest part is deciding whether to resign or play it out to "see what happens."  It usually ends up like this: "Eh. Let's just see this...hmmmm...ok I can't stop that Pawn, this game is lost!!!"

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    Well, every endgame has its own character. That character is determined by the pieces still on the board. Not by the pawns.

    An endgame Queen versus queen has its own character. Knight versus Bisshop has a different character. And two bisshops against a knight and a bisshop has another character. And so on.

    All these typical endgames you can find in the books and on the Internet. Read about these different characters, try to understand them and you will know how to play your endgames. That´s really learning to play chess. Studying this item will enable you to reach a winning endgame from the middlegame. And to win it.

    Understandig this items will give you the pleasure and satisfaction in playing endgames that you´re now missing.

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    Casual_Joe wrote:

    I'm finding that I really don't enjoy that part of the game.

    David Janowski use to hate endgames too he told Capablanca that he destested them.

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    TKACHS wrote:

    The endgame is the fruit of good positional play.  A good positional player can hold up even at material loss in the middle game to go on and steamroll a pawn or two for promotion and dazzle a "tactical" player who's now frozen in his tracks with his rooks and queen.

    If a tactical player is too lazy to work endgames, he might as well take up checkers!

    1-There is no such thing as a "positional" player or a "tactical" player.

    2-The really hard endgames are what one would call "tactical". When it is an obvious win or draw, simple concepts might be enough, but in real hard-fought endgame calculation is a huge part of the thinking process.

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