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I have an interesting idea

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    How about we play a game in the forums vs a relatively strong chess program. chess.com vs A computer

    choices: Arena 1.1 Fritz 8 Chessmaster 10th edition Chess Titans (but me by myslef could beat that thing.) I wanna hear suggestions. If u guys think its a good idea, then chose an engine!

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    Do you mean a vote chess game? That is more convenient than a game in this forum. chess.com has to insert the move the chess engine gave. Without influencing the result. I don't have a favourite opponent chess engine.

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    After participating in one complete vote chess game and in the process of one now, a FORUM vote chess game is BRILLIANT!!!

    The best idea I have seen in a long time. You'd have to set up your own board at home, but everyone has a chess set. You wouldn't be restricted by time and anyone could post their suggestion. No one would have to join a team. It could all be hashed out right in the forum.

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    It would really be cool to have two major engines go head to head

    and hear everyone's take on the moves.

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    ok, lets do vs Arena 1.1

    who's playing?


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    sorry my mistake.  thought we were running engine against engine.

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    Brilliant idea!

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    Melanerz wrote:

    Yeah I think it's a brilliant idea but how are we gonna discuss moves? Over private message?

    Well, were playing vs a computer.


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