I have beat all the beginner and intermediate bots

Hi everyone!
Just wanted to show my progress so far.

Last October I broke up with my girlfriend and decided to do chess puzzles.

I would do them for 3-5 hours since it would take my kind away. After a couple of weeks I got tired and stopped.

I always thought of myself as being kinda dumb for not being good at chess.

Some of my friends were playing Chinese chess and others Classical Chess.

I played a few games and had no idea what to do.

I learned a the kings Indian and stuck with black.

I found myself playing chess daily as a hobby starting late January.

Tonight I played against a friend that went to chess school when younger and is smart enough to go to Caltech. It was a brutal loss.

After reflecting on that annihilation, I decided to play Mateo and won!

Just happy I’m not a chump anymore haha. But that’s only against bots.

I’ll do about 25 puzzles per day and play a couple of games against a bot until I finish with all the masters. Then I’ll go play people!
I’ll play people once I finish beating the Advanced
Not the masters (geez they are too high level haha)


"do chess puzzles. I would do them for 3-5 hours" ++ That is excess

"It was a brutal loss." ++ Analyse it to learn from your mistakes.

"I’ll do about 25 puzzles per day" ++ Way too many

"games against a bot"
++ Do not play artificially weakened bots: they err, but in a non-human way.

"play people" ++ Do that right away and analyse your lost games.

Thanks for the advice!

Chess improvement takes dedication and practice, and it sounds like you're on the right track.