I hung my queen 😱🤦🏻‍♂️


I was playing against TheChessBae on twitch but I didn’t realize until after the game that i hung my queen. Lucky for me she didn’t see it. Anyway it was a fun game. She’s a streamer on Twitch that just started playing chess since March. If you’re on Twitch please check out her channel and give her a follow, it won’t cost you nothing and you’ll be supporting a new streamer.


Queen blunder sucks


I wonder what White was planning in the first place.


Lol 25...Qe3+ looks good, forking the king and the rook at the same time! (Look at it on the brighter side)


On a more serious note, you are likely still winning after that.


25...Qb4 - 3 way fork

25...Qd4 - 3 way fork

25...Qf2+ - 3 way fork

25...Qe3+ - 3 way fork

25...Qg1 - 3 way fork


You did a lot better than white though, she hung both rooks and her queen. She needs to use more than one piece at a time to attack, and to keep an eye out for discovered attacks (like when you moved the knight and it exposed an attack on her rook).


The problem with queen blundering is that it gives the oppeenent hope to win