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I'm searching for a cheap but quality chess set

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    Glad you found what you were looking for

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    Yes, I did. Now I just need to ask my father if I could purchase them, as he will probably refuse because of the huge money on plastic set. But I'll figure out how to encourage him to accept! grin.png

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    Hey guys,

    I've just found out that Wholesale Chess sells Premier Tournament Chess Set for $40 now!!! I requested from them that set and DGT North American chess clock together for $90 with free international shipping if possible.

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    Whole sale plastic chess sets are good with reasonable prices!! Ebay is also another good place to look for cheap quality chess!

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    Meh, WSC (Wholesale Chess) doesn't ship free internationally. And the shipping cost is quite huge.


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    You need to understand that these businesses need to make a profit, otherwise they will no longer be in business.

    Stop to consider that you are looking to buy a complete set AND a DGT NA clock for $90.  The clock alone retails for about $50.

    At $90 for what you are looking at to buy, there is not much profit.  International shipping is expensive when we are talking in this price range.  I would say that the true cost for shipping internationally from the USA to Serbia will be at least $70.  I know because I just shipped a single Queen to Noj in Slovenia and that cost me $59.

    In the United States, to the United States shipping the cost is a lot less.  The setup you describe should cost no more than $12 - $15.

    As I said, you need to find a retailer in your area of the world that has decent prices for the equipment and shipping.

    Don't forget that your country might also have custom fees that they would expect you, not anyone else, to pay.  Once again, we did experience that with Slovenia when I shipped the Queen to Noj.  They wanted to charge Gregor 60 Euros as a custom tax until he explained to them that I was simply returning the piece to Gregor so he could match the wood and then make and send me replacement pieces.

    Good luck in finding the equipment you want and let us know how it all turns out and what you end up getting.

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    Hi, Eyechess. I was looking a lot of shops here in/near Serbia and I only found some Dubrovnik sets. Didn't find any Staunton ones. I found one Dubrovnik set with weighted pieces and roll-up vinyl board for $20 with shipping and I found an very good clock for $75. Here's the link of the shop which sells that clock. http://chess-plus.com/en/products/chess-clock-am1401c

    The clock is inexpensive from what I've seen for that money.


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