Unless paid-memberships were to decline for some reason doubt things will ever change though.


My experience (5+ years) is that the ones who cause the most trouble are often paying members. Can't imagine why, but then nothing they do is really logical or rational.

netzach wrote:

Downside of this (to the active-membership) is numerous sockpuppets/cheats/idiots and ghost-members.

Paying membership never reduced this on ICC. At least in the idiots category.  Chessbase's playchess is mostly pay and it takes time to get a game.  FICS has been eclipsed by here. seems to be a comfortable medium to all.  Lots of games lots of players.  A few idiots.

LauriAikio wrote:

Nope. I do disagree with that "whatever".      

Well I dunno' how could ya' not like a golden mug like me!..Kiss


hi ponz. I hear you man. I've been writing to for the past few days about a person who had three different aliases, and was causing a LOT of trouble and causing me a LOT of grief in a forum I'm in. When I busted him all three accounts closed within forty five minutes of each other, and I have no doubt they will reappear under other aliases. One of his aliases befriended me via a message and a game of online chess, while probing me for how I felt about the topic under discussion, while his other alias, on the forum, was harassing, provoking, and calling me names and terrible accusations. Its terrible, and I'm a vulnerable sucker for this stuff, cuz I'm nice. This person carried our fight onto wikipedia, and started saying crazy accusations about me in edit forums on wikipedia; he also has multiple aliases on wikipedia; one of them was closed on wiki, but the other two are still there.

Its a problem of virtual reality. I don't have any answers, just empathy.


I have had several imposters [or maybe just one or two persons] who have caused me problems.  One changed my wikipedia to things not true. Some have posted on my threads, and other things I will not mention.

Is there a solution to this problem?


to be quite honest. no there isn't a solution. Both and wikipedia do not stop people from having multiple accounts. They 'ask' people to have just one account, but from my limited (and Verrry upsetting) experience of the last few days, there are a few bad apples on, and a few bad apples on wikipedia, and they spoil it for everyone. wikipedia is 'democratic' so articles become battlegrounds for supporters and enemies of particular topics and  people. I have been on wikipedia almost nonstop for the past three days, and I"ve had quite the education in how imperfect it is. It was about a chess player who will go unnamed (it wasn't you or anything to do with you) and for some reason some lowlifes wanted to say crazy nasty stuff about him, and they accused anyone who supported him as one of his "army of sockpuppets'. Some of these lowlifes are very determined, very handy with switching aliases, and very mean-spirited. they have no commitment whatsoever to truth or fairness or common decency' they're in it for the fun ride. It is a perverted fun ride, but people have their perversions. 

So the quick answer is no, there is no solution. I don't know the details of the trouble you've had, but if someone is out to get you they will draw you in and fight like snakes and you will stop going to sleep and you will feel hunted and targeted, which you are being. 

In my experience, which is one week old, and it has been a terrible week, it has been one or two people. I identified two of them. One of them had only one alias, and was a nasty but harmless and transparent little twit. The other one had three aliases on, and has at least three on wikipedia, and he is a career provocateur, a career as*hole, a career creep. 

My best advice is pay it no mind. If its your wikipedia page, leave it alone. Let someone else fight it out. Do NOT do the fighting yourself. It will sap your strength and your sanity. Do NOT fight the fight yourself. You are a chessplayer. A real one. Let the perverted lowlifes have their little wikipedia guerilla editing parties, and let them tell their friends about all the lowlife things they've done that week.

By the way, I tried to take this to the highest level on wikipedia. Its a zoo. and there are some nasty predators out there.