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Improve Chess and Intelligence

  • #41

    ....but you can post this information on a chess forum?

  • #42

    Precisely, anyone that wants to let people know about this can. If people want to improve their chess then use it, if they dont then dont

  • #43

    Exactly what is intelligence?

  • #44

    If you have to ask...

  • #45

    OP, what else are you better in, besides Chess?

  • #46

    please just let this die

  • #47

    I am pretty decent at poker,debating and handball btw

  • #48

    That's a start. If there would be a reliable way to get unbeatable at poker (instead of Chess), it'd be worth millions! Laughing

  • #49

    increasing your intelligence or conditionning your pown's attitude ...!


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