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Is this correct?


After 1.,.Qxe6 2. Rxb4 seems to do the trick.


yeah i didn't see that.


however, after Re1 then Bxc3 then after the second rook goes black has two rooks for the queen and can play on.


Let me post the second position of the day


Here Na4 intending Nb6 is strong I think because Nd7 cannot be played without the loss of the h7 pawn. So 

here we go

1.Na4 b5

2.Nb6 Ra7

3.a4 now white threatens to take twice on b5

If black captures on a4 he is in minus anyhow because of the tripled heavy pieces on the a file. if he plays Qa8 then white plays Qb2 exchanges the rook brings the other rook and seizes the open file.


Actually Na4 is the correct starting move but the rest of my analysis is garbage. The second half has to do with a king side attack.