In the park, or online?

Has anyone played in the park? If so, do you find your experience better in that context or online?
Park or club is better than online
One thing’s for sure, when you’re in the park, you know if someone’s using a book or Explorer or some crap like that. I just finished several three minute games against all types of ratings and for the life of me I can’t figure out why the 1453 player was considerably easier than some of the 12+ players. Happens a lot. Today or yesterday I discovered that a lot of people on here use books and Explorer for their openings; that would explain a lot. If I was in the park—Never have been – – and I saw someone opening a book or use an explorer, I’d say “see ya.”
Just did it again, a 1464 this time. Again, easier than some of those 1200+ people. And before the 1464 I beat a 1325, also easier, and the 1325 person has played over 33,000 games—Over five times as many games as I have played!

Use the computer if you have inadequate access to a Chess club, like me. Otherwise, I would rather have real people in my presence than AlphaZero.


But considering the electric bill, I would rather have many things in my presence anyway, but you get the point.