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Incorrect abandoned game

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    I am on windows 8 and google chrome thanks. The problem has not happened since so i will trust in my free membership as it is available and is on the whole a great service with no charge, usually no hassles and some very good players.

    RonaldJosephCote wrote:

          I was just complimenting Bulgarian Machine's post. I wish you no harm, but hey, you get what you pay for. That has nothing to do with chess.com, that's true all over the world. As far as constructive advice and guidance, I have none. Submit a ticket, provide specifics, Jacklyn will ask what system?, what browser. There are a number of glitches the're working on, and a number of suggestions from good members. Part of the problem is spending a lot of time and resourses on the bad behavior of many bad apples and trools. If you take your chess seriously, then try to use Windows 7 or higher, Google Chrome or higher. I've had no mechanical snafu's with that, and try to buy some kind of better membership. Everybody wants FREE downloads, FREE apps, etc. Its no wonder TARGET, and YAHOO get hacked. I wish you a good year. If I hit the lottery, I'll buy you a lifetime mmbership!


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