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Insulting on Chess.com

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    [abuse removed]

    This kind of messages are nothing new here on chess.com...

    The problem is that this "after game behaviour" makes me angry and sad. Ok, I realy dont care that much, but it's a problem that needs to be solved. So what is the solution? Disabling chat? Why?

    I'm refering to all chess players here and site admins to come up with some ideas how to solve this problem.


    Have a nice one...

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    All you can really do is report him to staff (help & support next to the green pawn, takes you to a FAQS page, click lower left and file a ticket) and block him.  Staff does frown on "naming and shaming" so this thread is about to dissapear or the offender's name wil be removed.  Pity there are a few jerks on site, usually adolescents although they can be of any age.  Just think of such a tirade as a compliment to your chess and move on.

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    If something like that happens again you have a couple of options.

    Go to Home/Account/Privacy and add their username to your block user list so you don't hear from them or play them again on here

    Click on the Help & Support link at the bottom of the page, then when that page opens, click on the far left where it shows 'Contact Us'. The option you'd need to choose is 'Abuse'.

    Posting the exact abusive words in a public forum isn't ideal as you're likely to offend others yourself by doing so.

    I've already handled this for you :)


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