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Invented a New Opening

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    This is an opening I've played a few times as Black. I would also like to point out the proper spelling of "Invented" as my fellow innovators can't seem to spell it right.

    The purpose is to play like a Latvian Gambit without allowing White the option of capturing the e-pawn. It is also similar to a KG reversed. Finally, it gives Black strong central control while quickly providing the opportunity to recapture the pawn (Nf6 is also playable instead of d5). Black also doesn't have to worry about a Qh5 immediately like White has to in the KG because the Nf3 blocks the queen.

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    This opening already has a name actually, it is the Winaver Defense.


    Though I agree it looks a lot better (I am a King's Gambit player myself) then that other guy's "invinted opining" [sic].


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