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Inventor seeking support from Chess Community for new Holographic Chess Game.

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    I am reaching out to the Chess Playing Community in hopes of getting your support to vote for my patented concept for an electronic LED push-button chess game that has the potential to become the first ever HOLOGRAPHIC CHESS GAME.  This is a "Star Wars" Concept that can be realized.  I have a site on Quirky.Com and my ideation page is linked at http://www.quirky.com/ideations/211243.  I NEED YOUR VOTE to make this happen.  It is free to join the Quirky community of inventors around the world.  To vote for my invention, you MAY need to first join Quirky.  (I AM NOT SURE ON THIS AS I HAVE NOT HAD TO DO IT MYSELF.)  But if you must join, It takes less than a few minutes. (Username, Password,Name)  Then, once you have a free account, you go to the link: www.quirky.com/ideations/21143  The Ideation is one page and is self explanatory and gives pictures of my patented invention and a complete description.  You may also comment as to what you think about it.  This also helps me and my invention, to get it selected by the voting community of the world.  The invention with the most votes and comments is generally chosen as a potential product.  I thank you in advance! "May the FORCE be with you"..... and "May you be the FORCE to help me to get my game produced by Quirky."  I NEED YOUR VOTE!  PLEASE PASS THIS ALONG TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW.

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    Of course it's a neat idea.  But realistically, I think you have to contend with laptops, mobile touch screen devices, and the fact that Windows 8 is going to be "touch screen" compatible.  I think for your invention to take off, it will have to reach a broader audience.  Imagine if it didn't just play chess, but it was a tablet that displayed holographic versions of products on Amazon, topographical maps, paintings, architecture, etc.  It's not just that it will make your product more versatile - in today's world, I believe it will HAVE to do those things in order to compete.

    It looks like a great idea.  Best of luck!

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    Thanks, Zirtoc!  I would very much appreciate your vote and your great comments you have suggested herein, on Quirky.  


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