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IS 25 too old to become a titled player?

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    I speak from experience when I say 1840 online here is 1694 USCF.

    More seriously, I dont think they are commensurable. Your online score depends very much on how much time you spend per move. Do you break out a board, and move the pieces around, and take 30-60 minutes on a move? Or do you look at the screen for a minute and pick something that looks ok? Do you keep to under 5 games, or do you play 35 at a time?

    I started online as training for OTB games, to solve a particular problem: a tendency to move in OTB without adequately considering opponent responses. I figured online was a good way to punish me over and over until I became more careful. And I stay away from blitz because that only encourages what I am trying to avoid.

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    Online ratings are inflated. That's just how it works. I could be 2000+ easily if I was that interested in it, but in reality I'm 1900 OTB.

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    I would say you could become an NM if you studied hard.

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    Shadowknight911 wrote:
    blueemu wrote:
    Markle wrote:

    I hope not, because i have heard all the it can't be done comments before but i am 51 and even though i know it is a huge uphill climb i intend to break the 2200 barrier before i die

    I'm 56 and I confidently expect to break 2200 (online) within a year.

    I speak from experience when I say that 2200 online here is A class (1800-2000) USCF OTB.

    I'm only about to break 2000 online here and I performed at 1944 in a recent tournament. (I have no established rating yet)

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    I started playing online chess around 3 months ago and my standard rating is around 1500. Im 17 any chances?

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    chess is a logical game so once you understand its logic well u can improve your ratings and a title too .but i also asked this same question in different form


    is _ too late to become a good violinist ?

    and i got a reply that it wont happen it need to be devolop in childhood like 3-5 years old 

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    SSNegi wrote:

    I started playing online chess around 3 months ago and my standard rating is around 1500. Im 17 any chances?

    It's hard to tell soo early.

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    Shadowknight911 wrote:

    let me clarify, the players that I'm playing that are at 2200 level online feel like 1800-2000 level players OTB.  I'm playing a couple of players now that probably are masters or at master strength, but over the past few months, most of the players zI've played I feel like they're about 200 points lower that what is listed. 

    This is a common experience, but there are 1500s here who play as well as masters (perhaps assisted), and I know at least one strong correspondence player (2300+) who has an old USCF of ~1500 and recently returned to OTB play.

    Efforts to correlate the two rating pools are fraught with difficulty. 

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    D_for_DJ wrote:

    I have seen people  become GM's at age 60!  like Larry Kaufman. It's never to old to become a title player my friend.

    Amen brother! As long as your brain functions normally you should be able to learn new things. An old dog can learn new tricks!

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    Really, it's about how much time you put into it. Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me to see more people who become highly ranked players later in life-as you grow older, some of your time committments disapear (no more school, as you reach retirement age there might be less work, children are grown and don't need the care they used to, etc) and there's more time for things like chess. 

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    Well ... Jens Kristiansen who won World Senior Chess Championship in November is 60years old and will get a GM title next congress

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    Also a miracle could happen and my health could get better and I could up my USCF rating from 2188 to 2200 and I am age 71.  Maybe I could get a expert or master to play me at my home. Or maybe I could find a tournament director from long ago.  Possible.

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    I don't see why not, practising every day and learning off other titled players would certainly give you a chance. 

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    title is great ultimately it is about enjoying chess..I think there are a lot of challenging players out there and maybe you can gain a title but don't forget to enjoy the game however far you get

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    Tubester, I may be wrong but is two points the least anyone can earn for winning a USCF game?

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    If your a member before your become a titled player  what will Chess.com do when that changes:

    1) Free membership

    2) Change your rank

    3) Remove your previous stats and start at game 1.

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    Don't forget the CM title!  Wink


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