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Is Carlsen good-looking?

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    Look dosent matters what matters is the success which he acheived...... still as per your question he looks fine..... but what matters in front of the fact that he is a world champion

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    RecarnationOfBobby wrote:

    shes very good looking


    I don't think you are looking at her face...SurprisedTongue OutInnocentInnocentInnocent

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    Anna Sharevich should have gotten kicked

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    stuzzicadenti wrote:

    Matt Damon is a huge movie star known for his looks and manliness. What's your point?


    Ha anche tratti psicologici autistici (narcisismo, egocentrismo, ecc...) e tratti somatici correllati con lo spettro autistico, proprio come Carlsen.

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    As a girl, from what I've seen in myself and other girls, the way a guy presents himself is extremely important in rating "attractiveness." I've never met him or seen him interact with people, but if he's friendly and projects confidence, I can see people thinking of him as attractive. But looking purely at pictures alone, I don't really see him as physically attractive. But I'd say his intellect is definitely something that's admirable and gives him a one-up on many other guys.

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