is giving simultanious displays harmful to my chess?

The chess teacher in my school wants me to give simultanious displays in my school. Is there any way that it can harm my chess( like 10 games at a time)? If it is then do blindfold chess simuls have the opposite result?

Ok, but can simuls have the same down sides as playing bullet chess for example is what I mean

GMs play simuls all the time and it doesn’t seem to hurt them.

Also, playing bullet chess doesn’t harm you unless that’s all you play. A few games of bullet can sharpen your ability to spot tactics more quickly, but obviously if it’s all you do, your other games may suffer.

The key is to spend most of your time with what you want to be best at, but doing a little bit of anything may be a fun for a little change to help keep the game fresh for you.

If you do too many blindfold simuls, you might become addicted to bicycles.


Can I accually play simuls to improve?

Giving simultaneous displays isn't nearly as harmful to your chess as frequenting on an internet forum is.