is Magnus Carlsen the new Rafael Nadal of Chess?


I think they have a similar style of play .   

Will see the paralelisms: 

-  When they were young they used to play a more agressive game than nowadays.  U can see videos of Rafael Nadal in 2004 and u can check a game less conservative ,  same happen with Carlsen ,  when he was younger used to play more agressive,  u can see here a crazy opening by carlsen in 2003.

- They like to play long games  .  In the case of Nadal he has a good physical , allowing to him win most matches of 5 sets. In the case of Carlsen , is the key of this game, just have to watch  candidates tournaments or the victories over Anand in WCC 2013.

- They practice a very conservative game but very profitable .  They start to have problems when  they face against  a player like Kramnik or Djokovic  because they  doesn´t make strategic mistakes and defense as well as them . 

- They are not creative players, they are tenacious.

- They represent the evolution of the game, they  are the main precursors of modern chess and modern tennis, killin the romantic play and avoiding tacticals games.  unaesthetic style of play.  

what do you zink? 


No, Nadal is only the best on his favorite surface; red clay.

Carslen is the best on every surface;  wood, glass, marble, stone etc.


Rafael Nadal gets injuries such as hamstrings.

I'm not sure which injuries Magnus Carlsen can get.


as far as style goes, I think Andy Murray is a much better comparison. Nadal is an aggressive baseliner.  you will never see magnus take risks or play gambits, he plays as boring as possible to wait for opponent to make a mistake.

Andy Murray = counterpuncher, waits for mistake from opponent to make a mistake

Carlsen = positional chess, waits for opponent to make a mistake


I think thhere was a chess champion once who described his chess as being half way between Jim Courier and Pete Sampras Laughing

Forgotten who it was.