Is OTB easier than online?


I like on line chess because you can have a drink in one hand and a chess piece in the other, more relax is what I am trying to say gangCool I am sure I would say the oposite when I was Tryst's age   Opps, gota go need to pour me another drink lolo


When playing five minute on a board I tend to knock pieces over, it's nice to know the other side is a person for sure, but when it comes down to hundreds of a second end games internet rules.  The access to better players online is second to none.  Unless i suppose you go to a large city club.  Have a great day, may all your moves be good ones.


you got it right the first time...chess though becomes quite popular due to internet still otb is preferred by many including me and thousands other.


otb is harder you cannot control when you want to play. on line you can choose to play when you in the mood for playing chess.
if you choose to play in a otb tournament you have said yes to seven different tuedays of chess regardless how you feeling that day even if you have slight headache you play.
otb tournament can really feel like a work you need to do.