Is resignation rude?


So, I've been thinking about it a lot, and I'm wondering... is resignation rude? I know that its super rude just to let your time tick down to 0 when you have 2 minutes left, but is it ok to resign if you're about to be checkmated, or should you just let your opponent win the conventional way?


Resignation is not rude. You accept that you have no winning or drawing chances and you are saving both players' time. Now if I had a smothered mate coming up on my opponent, I would prefer if they didn't resign tongue.png


Rule of thumb: someone will always find something you do to be rude. Some people think it's rude to resign because you rob them of the chance to make a satisfying checkmate. Others think it's rude not to resign because you're doomed and you're wasting their time. Each argument has its merits and neither is correct. Do what you want.

Louutah16 wrote:
Snowflakes think everything is rude.
Carry on.

did you know?

even some titled players think playing the bongcloud attack is rude (only if played by anonymous players)