Is there a way on to give time odds to one side?

chessguitar wrote:

Lets say someone who was low rated (like me) wanted to have a fighting chance against someone who is higher rated. Is there a way to set up time odds in an unrated game here on I mean something like I get 30 minutes and the higher rated player gets 5 minutes.


On that same line of thinking is there a way to take a piece away from the stronger giving knight or rook odds?

i think you should get real and realize that the only people that will happily take 5 minutes of your time for every one minute of their time are people that want you to have their babies for them.



Ooh can't wait. I'll just start a quick 3679201|1 game with my grandma. 

Martin_Stahl wrote:

You can do material odds in Daily games by starting the position from a Custom FEN. Live doesn't have that option

The problem with material odds though is that you learn openings badly. When I learned chess as a kid my uncle said taking a piece off the board teaches you to play as if that piece wasn't there, and then when you go to play and the piece is there, you hang pieces. Time odds is a much better way to favor low rated players.