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Is there an IOS Chess app which allows you to have pieces facing both ways?

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    I'm simply looking for a nice iPhone 5 app to to play chess with my friends during breaks in school. Android has one nice app which allows a 2 player game where you can flip the black pieces so you can easily play facing eachother. I could find no such app in the apple store :( Am I the only one who sees this as an important feature? I hate fliping the board and all that nonsense XD

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    This is the free version; there's also a paid version.  I use it on the iPad to play against friends in person.  The setting for setting up the pieces the way you want them is "symmetrical".  It also has a clock if you want to play timed games.

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    I got the app on my iphone and looked through the settings and didn't find the setting you described :(

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    There isn't a free version, but you could try tChess Lite ($0.99) or tChess Pro - there is a "flip pieces" setting under interface options that does what you're looking for.

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    Thank you pwwaring!!! It worked!

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    Yes that feature exists in tChess as well.

    In Chess-Wise from the front page select Settings.  The fifth setting is Pieces orientation.  Touch that and a menu with four choices appears.  Symmetrical is one of the choices.


    I don't have it on the iPhone but I think they both have the same interface.


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