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Join the biggest challenge ever (9999 games at the same time)

  • #101

    Why ?

  • #102

    spending so little time over so many games will tend to drag your playing strength down a bit, safer to go unrated

  • #103

    i will send a challenge

  • #104

    I sent 2 challenges good luck!

  • #105

    9999 seems very far, and it probably is. But mostly due to the players. I think to few players want to play online 14 days. And maybe not even that much people will ever know about your challenge!

    But dont forget that this is going on fo a couple days now. If you take  4 weeks to get the games, or even 2 months, then most games have advanced only 4-5 turns if you dont move to fast. 

  • #106

    639 games now. I hope in about 4 days that I will be diamond member and can join alot tournaments so that I will have faster 9999 games :-).

  • #107

    706 games.

    Diamond member is payed so I hope I am in 2 days diamond and can play alot of tournament games.

  • #108

    I quit the challenge. I will never get 9999 games even with tournaments. Ty all who joined it.

  • #109

    well, then at least go for 999 :)

    And it may feel like its going to slow, but if you are taking on games continuously then after 2 weeks you have done 1 move in all games and you still got pleeeeenty of time to get games.

    But I think you will get overwhelmed anyway. Even with 'only' 999 games.

  • #110

    No, go for 1000 games!


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